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Dear GMD 1 Student
This Thursday 14th May I will be showing you how to choose your Year 2 CTS 2 options from the 24 choices that are on offer (see Booklet attached and link to Moodle page below).
It is vitally important that you attend your CTS 1 lesson this Thursday as I will be coming to each group in turn throughout the day. You will find it much harder to have an informed choice if you do not attend and it is very difficult to change options once you have chosen them this term.
Please read carefully the attachments below and come with any questions on Thursday.
All the best
CTS 2 Options | Choosing your Year 2 CTS 2 Options
Options Introduction
The aim of this unit is to develop your broader knowledge and understanding of the historical, social, practical, theoretical and cultural developments of contemporary visual culture. You will have the opportunity to further contextualise various aspects of art and design theory in its broadest sense by focusing upon specific Options and by writing a Dissertation Proposal.
Indicative Content
This unit provides a programme of work based on two option subjects from the field of art, design and visual culture selected for study in Terms 1 and 2 and the production of a dissertation proposal in Term 3.
You will engage in critical reading, research methods seminars, writing workshops and further study related to key concepts, debates and theories. This focus on acquiring skills in research and critical analysis will enable you to formulate and develop the dissertation proposal pursued at the end of the unit. The comprehensive number of option choices will allow you to both extend your knowledge in relation to your main studio specialisms and to broaden your knowledge in the wider field of art and design.
Throughout the year the Options and Dissertation Proposal sessions will be supported by Research Methods Seminars that will introduce you to diverse elements of research as well as to a variety of research methods and methodologies. These seminars will also help you appreciate the interdisciplinary context within which processes of designing and theorising design take place and help you to research and write at BA level. It will allow you to recognize and use interdisciplinary approaches in design and cultural analysis through texts, objects, and practices. The seminars will engage with a diversity of key terms and concepts and show how they are used in research and in practice
Choosing Options
During the latter half of your first year at LCC you will have been asked to choose your two options from a diverse list of approximately 24 possibilities. Each option will come with a detail description of the course, its contents and teaching methods. You will also have had a seminar detailing this process and going through each option. This will have given you enough information to have an informed choice.
To choose your 2 options please follow the instructions below.
1. => Go to the Moodle Page CTS 1 (Contextual and Theoretical Studies 1 14/15) using the link:
2. => Then read the descriptions for each of the 24 options. You will need to click on the title of each option to be able to read the full description, content, structure and reading list or you can use the links that look like this on the page to go to each options. Or you can read the PDF booklet: CTS 2 Options Year 2 LCC School of Design UAL 2015/16 if you wish.
3. => Once you have decided which 2 options you want to do, you have until Wednesday 10th June to make these decisions. You change your mind until the choice forms close on the 10th June. You do this by using the links called:
Option Choice 1  Link for choosing your Option 1 
Please note: Option Choice 1 cannot be the same as your Option Choice 2
Option Choice 2  Link for choosing your Option 2
Please note: Option Choice 2 cannot be the same as your Option Choice 1

PDF CTS 2 Options _ Choosing your Year 2 CTS 2 Options


4. => Each option has to be different and you cannot choose the same option twice. You have to use the Option Choice 1 Link for choosing your Option 1 and then Option Choice 2  Link for choosing your Option 2
We would recommend that you choose one option that is close to your course content and one that is something you find intriguing. Ultimately it is up to you to decide which options suits you best.
If you have any question about this process please contact Mark Ingham at:
Dr Mark Ingham
Contextual & Theoretical Studies Coordinator
Spatial Communication and Contextual & Theoretical Studies Programme
School of Design London College of Communication
Elephant & Castle
London SE1 6SB
T 0207 514 9342
R W225
Member of PARC:
PhD Director of Studies/Supervisor (UAL/AUB)

Moodle Attachments (Download All)
Choosing your Year 2 CTS 2 Options.pdf

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