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GMD 1 CTS 1 Group C chose Caitlin Jedski’s blog at: as Blog of the Week 9

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Best wishes from
Adriana (Eysler)



Blog of the Week 8

Please find below the URL of the Blog of the Week in Group D, along with URLs for the highly commended blogs.

– Christina John

– Christina John’s blog showed a visual flair, stylish presentation and excellent research skills.

Highly Commended Blogs: 

– Dian Sofia

– Dian Sofia’s blog displayed independent research, clear communication and presentation.

– Sora Reyes

– Sora Reyes’s blog is commended for her excellent writing skills and use of social media.

All fantastic blogs and have a good look and comment on them because you can.


Blog of the Week 7

for GMD 1 CTS 1 is:

Celeste Ho’s blog from group B:


“This is a well designed blog with clear navigability on the right-hand side but better than that, it is full!. There is a place for both studio practice and CTS response to lectures with an abundance of great photographic images interspersed with writing commentary that picks out salient points from each lecture input – modest and appropriate.” Harriet Edwards


“Responding to a photograph we’ve taken during class, here’s mine”

Have a a look and comment on Celeste’s great work.

All the best


Blog of the Week 5 

as chosen by GMD 1 CTS 1 Group I

The group nominated Paloma Hababou’s blog, because it shows an excellent sense of initiative and evidence of independent research. Paloma has not only recorded CTS lectures in an original way, but she has reviewed exhibitions in London, and written a journal about current events, such as the news in Paris in January.
There are two highly commended blogs in this group, attracting an equal number of votes. The student designers are Sam Underwood and Devni Liyanage.
Sam has been chosen for his clear communication and very good subject knowledge, and Devni for her strong presentation and analysis of social and sustainable design.

Blog of the Week: Paloma Hababou:



Highly commended: Sam Underwood:

Bleached Dreams – Troubling Places.

“Personally I find the tube stations of London to be a prime example of non-places. Vast amounts of people are guided through the tube system by signs and announcements on a daily basis, very rarely interacting with one another. There is no real unique identity within stations and once in there you can’t wait to leave. Witnessing the robot-like movements of people through these places, enhances my feeling towards areas of transit being definite non-places.”

Highly commended:  Devni Liyanage:

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Blog of the Week 4

GMD 1 CTS 1 as voted by Group H

‘Blog of the week’ 4 goes to Alex Eusden, who has been doing some very good writing, and  takes the top spot on the basis of his engagement in that regard.
Check it out and comment on it at:

Alex Eusden

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Here are  others that feature a range of good engagement – either through reflective writing, further research or use of images.
Have a look and see what you think of these blogs:
Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 08.21.13
Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 08.26.00
Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 08.27.09
Many thanks to JP and Group H.

Blog of the Week 3

Dear GMD 1 Students and Staff

GMD 1 CTS 1 Group F with their tutor Greta Hauer have choosen Tom Smith’s blog as “Blog of the Week 3” this week and it can be found at:

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A high commendation also goes to Charlotte Joseph’s blog at:

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 08.32.00

Have a good look at both and comment on both.

At the end of this course all Blogs of  the Week and others that have ‘come up on the rails’ so to speak, will be voted on by you to choose a Blog of the Year.

Medals will be awarded to the top three Blogs.

All the best


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