Deadline: Wed 5 Nov (16.00) via TURNITIN on Moodle:

Find out as much as you can about the origins, uses and purposes of academic referencing. As UAL uses the Harvard Referencing System you should concentrate your answer on this type of referencing.

Include a bibliography of all the sources of information you used to answer this question AND you will need to include in text citations, set out using the Harvard Referencing System.

NB: if you do not include a bibliography and/or in text citations with and in your 500 words you will not pass this Formatively Assessed writing and research exercise.

You will also not pass if you do not upload your work on time as outlined above.

To start off with we would like you to look at the “Cite Them Right Online” website which is the resourceUAL are using to help you understand Harvard Referenciing.

How do I access Cite Them Right Online? 

Currently on-campus go to and you will be automatically logged on.

A link can also be found on the databases A-Z guide on the e-library.

Off campus you will be asked to go via your home institution and then to log in with your University login and password.

Reading:  The “Harvard system”: a mystery dispelled

Chernin, E. (1988) ‘The “Harvard system”: a mystery dispelled’, British Medical Journal. October 22, 1988, pp. 1062-1063

 How to Use Quotations:

Use them as a starting point to your own investigation.

Use them because they have inspired you to investigate your own course of thinking/development

Use them as a parallel to your thinking

Use them because you strongly disagree with them

Use them because they provide you with a useful context – or definition

Use them as a general statement before you give a specific example or vice versa

Use them to start or end writing – it makes an impact

Use them because you find them valuable

Use them for emphasis – not just as knowledge or information but thinking material for the reader

Use them not jut for analysing but for expressing

(Royal College of Art English for Academic Purposes – Pre-sessional Summer Course 2013 19 August – 20 September)


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